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Indonesian Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, and Natural Stones Supplier

Marmer Tulungagung sell marble flooring and stone handicraft from marble, granite, andesite, onyx, terrazzo, and natural stone with competitive price. We always strive to provide local marble Indonesia with best quality and service. We can make various kinds of marble products for the domestic market, exports, and projects. In addition to providing marble products, we also provide services installation of marble or granite, polished service and maintenance of marble, terrazzo installer, manufacture of a basketball court, tennis, or futsal for the entire territory of Indonesia with experienced experts from Tulungagung.

With appropriate design and proper handling, a touch of natural stone and marble would be a solution to add to the allure of your home or building. Marble and natural stones are premium grade material that have unique texture, color, and beautiful. Marble has been used to create monumental works for centuries. Marble or natural stone product is suitable applied to homes, villas, cottages, spas, and hotels. The use of marble can add charm and confidence building owner.

We always try committed to understanding your needs by providing superior quality goods. Our craftsmen are able to produce works of art of the high quality. To protect you order a product, we include timber or carton packing export standards so booking remains safe until the area or country of destination. We also have a team of experienced stuffing in the process of loading so your order can be arranged neatly and safely in containers during transportation.


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Teraso Motif Minimalis

Lantai teraso motif. Mulai Rp 400.000,-/m2

Lantai Parquet Cutting 3 x 3

Kualitas ekspor. Mulai Rp 170.000/m2

Lantai Parquet Dimentional

Kualitas ekspor. Mulai Rp 230.000/m2

Motif Marmer Border 1

Bahan lokal dan Impor.100% marmer

Motif Marmer Border 2

Bahan lokal dan Impor.100% marmer

Lantai Parquet Cutting 10 x 10

Kualitas ekspor. Mulai Rp 150.000/m2

Lantai Parquet Pathoeon

Kualitas ekspor. Mulai Rp 170.000/m2

Lantai Parquet Herring

Kualitas ekspor. Mulai Rp 150.000/m2

Lantai Parquet Hexagon

Kualitas ekspor. Mulai Rp 210.000/m2

Batu Parquet Anyaman

Bahan marmer. Finishing tandar ekspor

Batu Mozaik Natural

Bahan marmer. Mulai Rp 125.000/m2

Motif Lantai Marmer 10

Bahan lokal dan Impor.100% marmer

Motif Lantai Marmer 9

Bahan lokal dan Impor.100% marmer

Motif Lantai Marmer 8

Bahan lokal dan Impor.100% marmer

Motif Marmer Lantai 7

Bahan lokal dan Impor.100% marmer

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Marble and Granite Installation Marble and Granite Installation
The installation process of marble, granite and terrazzo should be done by experts and can not be done by any handyman. Therefore,...
Maintenance Service Maintenance Service
For the impression of luxury suites, the building uses marble floors, granite, or terrazzo as a complement. But with the passage o...
Bulding and Interior Design Bulding and Interior Design
For You who do not understand about interior and exterior design, we provide a solution by providing exterior and interior design...

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